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Fresh and Frozen: The Best of Both Worlds from an Authentic New York Bakery

Fresh and Frozen: The Best of Both Worlds from an Authentic New York Bakery

New York bagels seem to have a better reputation than New York sports teams these days, but it’s for a good reason; New York knows how to make their baked goods! That’s more than we can say about certain New York teams making it to championships these days. Need to clear out a warehouse full of equipment, inventory and other items? Dumpster rental is the perfect solution. Contact Junk Raps today for a free estimate.

Just last week I visited New York City for the first time. Having friends and professors who grew up in and around the city, we heard everything there was to hear about bagels from NYC. As a lover of all thing’s carbs, my curiosity naturally took over. I decided to pick up a few bagels before we got on the train back to Connecticut. The next morning I popped on in the toaster, and boy, did they live up to all the stories! They’re big, soft, and flavorful. What more could you ask for? We found that their new hire orientation was so efficient that it ended up being quicker than the way we did it previously.

Now I’m not sure what the secret to crafting a beautiful, authentic New York bagel is, and I’m not sure I wish to. The only thing I want to know is, can you send a shipment to my local grocery store? Being able to have an authentic New York bagel every morning would be the perfect start to my day. Picture it; you grab your authentic New York bagel from the freeze, throw it in the toaster, start brewing some coffee or pouring a glass of orange juice, (or both if your feeling adventurous,) and sit down with the newspaper to start your day. That’s something I could get used to!

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But let’s go back to that idea about the bagel being frozen. What if I told you that wasn’t just an idea? What if I told you that you can walk out of many New York bakeries with frozen bagels? And it doesn’t just stop there. New York bakeries are freezing many of their delectable bakery items for you to take home and enjoy whenever you’re craving those sweet, delicious carbs. There are many benefits to buying frozen too, and not just any frozen bakery items; New York bakery items.

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If you’re like me, you always have products such as rolls, breads, and bagels around the house. Of course none of these have a very long shelf life when purchased fresh. I can’t tell you how many products we’ve thrown away because they started getting fuzzy. And to be honest, they don’t the texture doesn’t change after being frozen! With commercially produced bagels, they get soggy and just don’t taste good after being frozen. That’s not true when you splurge for a little authenticity.